Advantages of Denture Treatment at home

‘I’m so excited to go to the dentist’, said no one ever. While dentures can help put a smile on
your face, the trip to the dentist is still full of anxiety, especially for senior citizens. An at-home
dental clinic can release the stress of making an appointment and visiting the nearest dentist.

If you’re considering getting dentures at home for yourself or your loved ones,
understanding the procedure, what to expect with dentures, and the convenience of a home
dentist can give you peace of mind. Let’s look at what to expect from a dentist visiting home for
denture treatment and how it is more convenient and comfortable than regular clinic denture

What are dentures?

Before we look at how to go about the intricacies of dentures at home, let us answer a common
question that all dentists receive: What are dentures?

In simple terms, dentures are removable teeth, either complete or partial, to replace
missing or removed teeth. These are custom-fitted according to the individual. Hence,
there are multiple steps involved in the denture procedure.

Sounds like a long and complicated procedure, right? Feeling puzzled about how all of this can
happen right in the comfort of your home? Let us address the most common question that we,
being India’s first portable dental clinic, received during our initial interactions.

With a mission to provide a revolutionary concept of at-home dental treatment to anyone and
everyone who cannot visit traditional clinics, Dent@Home started providing professional dental

services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. Our team of highly qualified dental surgeons brings
all the equipment required for emergency tooth removal as well as replacement at your home.
So you can kick back, relax, and enjoy dental treatment that’s not just effective but also stress-
free. Your comfort is our priority!

  1. Consultation: Your emergency dentist visiting your home will examine your mouth
    and discuss how you want your new denture to look and feel. You will be given expert
    advice on choices of teeth and materials to suit your needs and budget best. The dentist
    visiting will also check if you need any additional tooth removal for the denture fitting.
    Sometimes dentists also suggest temporary dentures.
  2. Impression: The next appointment is to take the impression of your teeth and gum and
    make the wax models. This step ensures that your denture fits your mouth comfortably.
  3. Fitting appointment: Once the dentures are made, there is a try-in appointment to
    ensure that the dentures properly fit in your mouth.
  4. Delivery: Your dentist will finally deliver the dentures to you, tailored according to your
    oral cavity. They will also educate you about ways to care for your new teeth.
  5. Follow-up: Follow-ups are essential to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and
    securely. If required, the dentist will make some adjustments.

1.No hassle of making multiple appointments:
As you must have understood, dental dentures require multiple appointments. At-home
denture treatment redefines convenience. Everything from initial dental checkups to
taking impressions and fitting the denture is done at your home. No need to deal with
appointment scheduling, travel to the clinic, or endure long waiting hours. Everything is
delivered right to your doorstep.

2.Comfort in Familiar Surroundings:
Adjusting to new dentures can be a journey. At-home denture treatments eliminate the
need to navigate this journey in a clinical setting. Instead, you can embrace the adaptation
process in your home’s familiar and comforting surroundings, easing the transition and
fostering a positive relationship with your new smile.

3.Comprehensive Dental Care:
At-home denture treatment extends beyond just tooth replacements. Dental surgeons
visiting your home encompass comprehensive care and provide one-to-one interaction
with you.They provide detailed explanations about the required maintenance and personally
address any concerns. For senior citizens or disabled individuals, dental surgeons also
engage in conversations with their primary caregivers, leaving no aspect of their smile
makeover unattended.

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