At-Home Tooth Fillings for Stress-Free Dental Care

From Cavities to Confidence - Best at Home Dental Filling in Mumbai

Teeth fillings are used to fill in the gaps caused by cavities. With teeth fillings, you can restore the function and integrity of the tooth, ensuring you can chew and speak properly. Fillings come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to match your dental needs.

Understanding the challenges of visiting a dental clinic, especially for people who cannot access one, we bring the dental treatment you need right to your doorstep. Dent@home provides a comprehensive range of dental services, including professional dental filling services, to patients in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane in the comfort of their own homes.

At Dent@Home, we use high-quality materials for our fillings, such as tooth-colored composite material or silver amalgam, ensuring the best possible outcome for your dental health.

Call Us for an In-Depth Oral Examination at home, if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Persistent Toothache
  • Temperature Sensitivity
  • Chewing Sensitivity
  • Visible Holes or Cavities
  • Rough or Broken Teeth
  • Loose or Missing Filling

Our professional dental team is equipped with the latest technology and materials to ensure stress-free, top-quality fillings in the comfort of your home.

We're Trusted By Your Neighbours & Friends

We go above and beyond to deliver upon our promise of quality and care

Dent at Home
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Ashvini PatwardhanAshvini Patwardhan
05:20 08 Jun 23
Dent at Home is giving services at our comfort zone. It's an amazing concept. Service is really good. Doctors are very professional and very punctual. No need to wait in queue. I've done 2 RCTs and Cleaning. Dr. Rupali and Dr. Prachi both are really good. Thank you for your amazing service.
Krishna NarayanaswamyKrishna Narayanaswamy
07:42 07 Jun 23
Had opted the service for my ailing bed ridden mother of 87yrs. The approach of the team was thoroughly professional and am very happy with the service. I feel the treatment is worth the money spent as it's provided by visiting home. Its most needed service for any immobile person suffering from severe dental issues.
rajan chitnisrajan chitnis
14:45 02 Jun 23
Dent@Home is an innovative enterprise which brings a self sufficient mini dental clinic alongwith well qualified dentist capable of undertaking all dental issues in the comfort of your home and that too at an affordable price.Dr Rohan and his team carried out surgery on a difficult molar and tooth extraction in an extremely professional manner.I recommend that people with dental problems who would like to be treated at home should patronise [email protected] Dr Rohan for your efficient treatment.Sapna Chitnis
Pritha SinghPritha Singh
15:43 20 Mar 23
We always have such a great experience with Dent at home. This is wonderful service for people who cannot step out of the house due to some constraints and wish they could get it fixed sitting at home. They whole team is super professional and skilled. My experience with Dr Prachi and Dr Rohan has been outstanding. Kudo to them for running this business so well. They are experienced and empathetic, will explain you everything very patiently - hard to find these days.
sharad Gsharad G
10:29 28 Feb 23
Dent at home is a very unique concept. It is a blessing for senior citizens. My father is a cancer patient and bedridden for the past 3 years.Particular mention for Dr Rupali Gupta who is very efficient and showed a lot of patience and empathy to the patient. She would make it. A point to personally call and check our convenience and then confirm the date and time of visit.She visited us and explained the process of root canal treatment and completed it in 3 sittings. It was such a relief otherwise i would have had to have my father admitted to a hospital for a few days and then complete the procedure. It would have required ambulance to and fro, admission charges , procedure charged and hire charges for equipment.Strongly recommend for bed ridden or very elderly patients..

Schedule a Home Appointment and we will bring professional tooth fillings at your doorstep.


During a dental filling at home, expect a visual exam, possible X-rays, oral health check, decay removal & cleaning, filling placement, shaping, and polishing. Our dental professionals will also offer after-care advice and schedule your next visit (if required).