Dent At Home

Our Doctors

We are a group of dentists, dedicated to providing you with the best dentistry has to offer, at the comfort of your home! All our equipment is portable, can fit in the car and can be assembled and disassembled in 10 minutes. All we require is an electrical outlet and we are good to go!

We provide all the latest treatments Dentistry has to offer. We have embraced the best in mobile dental equipment to allow us to set up a ‘surgery’ at home. All our complicated dental equipment comes in a compact suitcase. Just give us a call to book an appointment and we will be at your doorstep for your service! 

Treatment: We aim to practice pain-free dentistry, by using the most appropriate materials to give you the best and long-lasting results. Dental visits are customized for your convenience and we keep the visits minimum to ensure that the treatment is carried out in an efficient and timely fashion.