Suffering from a Dental Emergency and Finding an Instant Treatment done at home in Mumbai?

A dental emergency can happen at any time and be caused by a number of different factors. 

Knowing how to identify these emergencies is important, as they need immediate attention. 

 At Dent at home, we help our patients get rid of any toothache or dental discomfort at the comfort of their home!




At The Comfort Of Your Home

Tooth Ache

Bleeding From Teeth

Knocked Out Tooth

Chipped/ Broken Tooth

Dislodged cap/ bridge

Dislodged Filling

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Extremely courteous, excellent service and above super convenient. Thank you Dr. Prachi.

Vishal Ajmera
Vishal Ajmera


Being an actor safety is paramount and this company does just that. It feels like the dentists clinic has actually arrived in the safety of my home. I highly recommend it.

Taher Shabbir
Taher Shabbir


I had an extremely pleasant experience with DentAtHome, and received a thorough checkup, with sanitised equipment, all from the safety of my own home. It's guaranteed service with a smile (of strong, clean teeth :P)

Yuga Banerjee
Yuga Banerjee


Dr Prachi has done excellent job with great dedication. Her approach was Soft spoken n understanding towards patients inconveniences while giving treatment. So thank you very much to her for my son Aniket 's good smile 😃 and my n Ravindra's great comfort. She has given excellent denture treatment to us.

Aparna Bhalerao
Aparna Bhalerao


This is simply a great way to fix your dental problems. No need to step out of your house, get it treated at a confort of your home and the best part is its economical and cost effective! Thanks doc for your services!

Utpaal Badwaik
Utpaal Badwaik


Dr. Prachi is a thorough professional. My front teeth were chipped off and there was a gap between them which looked hideous. She fixed my teeth with veneers and I love how they look. The procedure was painless and it was in the comfort of my home. I recommend Dent at home & Dr.Prachi for all dental treatments.

Dr. Meeth Atawane
Dr. Meeth Atawane


Why Dent at Home

Experienced Doctors

We provide dental treatments at home with the help of our experienced staff of dentists and specialists.

Cost Effective

Our dental services are cost-effective and designed in a comfortable way to suit the needs of all classes.

Best Dental Care

Our trained staff of dentists are experts in treating immobile and medically complicated patients.

Covid Safety

Before going for a home treatment visit, we check & follow all sterilization and sanitization protocols.

All About the Patient

Our dental care services are designed considering patients’ convenience.

Confused about if you need an

urgent dental care

Dental Emergency varies from person to person but a few of the common symptoms can help you decide that you need an urgent care:

  • Toothache or gum swelling due to trauma or infection
  • Jaw pain and stiffness while chewing food
  • Broken teeth, cracked tooth, or other damage in your mouth following a fall

Still confused if it is the right time to book an appointment?

Contact Us, and we will guide you with the situation.

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When you have a dental emergency, it can be hard to know what the best course of action is. We want to help by breaking down some common emergencies and how they can be treated at home with our expertise. The examples of dental emergencies that can be cured at home are;

  • Toothaches, 
  • Cracked tooth,
  • Lost fillings 

In addition, we'll also tell you about other circumstances where you should see your dentist immediately - such as;

  • if there's an infection or abscess in your mouth that won't go away with over-the-counter medication (you might need antibiotics)


  • if any part of the tooth has been knocked out (this could include nerve damage). 

If these things happen to you, call us right away to schedule an emergency home visit in Mumbai.